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About Willow Care

The willow tree is known as an herbal medicine plant in the ancient Chinese herbal medicine, among the North American Indians and especially the Greek physicians Hippocrates and Galen used willow. Since then, willow has been a common part of herbal medicine and natural cosmetics throughout Europe. Extracts from willow have also been used for natural cosmetics 2-3000 years back in time.

Salixin A / S, which produces Willow Care, has through many years of selection work propagated and planted some special willow varieties with a view to using these plants in various natural products. These willow varieties all have good and unique properties when parts of the plants are used as an ingredient in cosmetic products or supplements.

Salixin A / S plants, grows and harvests the organic willow in North Jutland around the farm Ny Vraa near Tylstrup. In June 2012, all fields became
converted to organic farming, and our extracts have been exclusively organic since 2015.

The arrow extracts are produced at our own production facility in North Jutland, and the production of our finished goods takes place at various cosmetics manufacturers - all in Denmark. Willow Care is 100% Danish.

We place emphasis on using few and good ingredients in our products, and we continuously develop and test new ones to constantly give you natural products that work.

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