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Buy our Danish care products

If you want to care for your body with quality products that are produced in Denmark with natural ingredients and that have not been tested on animals, then you have come to the right place!


Use Willow Care Shampoo and Conditioner for natural care of your hair.

Our Shampoo helps against irritable scalp and has one documented effect against dandruff. In addition, many also experience that the shampoo counteracts red bumps after body shaving.

Our conditioner is used after the use of shampoo, and softens and strengthens your hair. Your hair retains its natural shine and is easy to style.

Body and face

Do you have problem skin? Is your skin dry, red, tender and easily irritable? Then you will need Willow Care Lotion and Skin-gel to care for it.

Willow Care Lotion is moisturizing and helps you if your skin is dry, red and easily irritable. It is documented.

Willow Care Skin gel is less moisturizing and helps you fight impure and oily skin.


Are you looking for a solution to gum problems and bad breath?

Then try our mouthwash that cares for and protects your gums.

The product is made from natural ingredients, so the taste is not great. But that's not why you should choose it either. You have to choose it because it works - and does not contain unnatural ingredients.